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Dr. O. Peter "Pete" Snyder has formed a new company called SnyderHACCP. Formerly known as HITM, this is a consulting and education company ( located just outside of St. Paul, Minnesota ) still promoting correct and operationally effective food science safety and quality knowledge and application.

Dr. Snyder is still available for food-safety-related and HACCP-based consulting work for established clients and on a limited basis for potential new clients. The company continues to use its HACCP-TQM program based on FDA and USDA regulations and HACCP science.

The company's president, Dr. Pete Snyder, is now an inactive steering committee member of Wholesale & Retail Food Alliance, an outreach to and resource for the wholesale and retail foodservice industry.

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24 Carat Design provides web development solutions for those seeking to establish, redesign, and/or have their web site maintained. As well as web site and graphics design, the company offers writing and editing textual content, search engine optimization, site promotion, and traffic and keywords analysis services to clients interested in tracking and improving their effectiveness on the web.

The company has been instrumental in developing web sites related to food safety and the food service industry, such as Hospitality Institute of Technology & Management, SnyderHACCP Consulting, Wholesale & Retail Food Alliance, and this web site. The company's owner, Sharon F. Malone, is also a steering committee member of Wholesale & Retail Food Alliance.

email boxFor further information, you may email, call 1-541-997-7737, or write to Chef Steven Davis, P.O. Box 1441, Florence, OR 97439. Fax: upon request.

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